Official Statement


You may be aware of recent media stories about lawsuits filed by two insurance companies and you may have questions.

We want to assure you that the lawsuits have no effect on the operations of our surgery centers. All of our facilities continue to provide the highest quality care and service that you expect from BASM centers.

The complaints filed by the insurers are baseless and we are requesting that the court immediately dismiss both as they lack any real legal or factual foundation.

They are just the latest of many actions taken by insurers against doctors and medical centers here in California and across the country to limit patient options and benefits, and reasonable payments to doctors and medical centers. It is something our industry has come to expect from certain insurers and that we will likely see more of. In turn, these insurers have been successfully sued by scores of medical services providers for their persistent efforts to underpay for quality services.

The advent of surgery centers like ours has provided consumers a clear alternative to expensive and cumbersome hospitals and high prices, one that includes access to efficient, cost effective and high quality medical care. Surgery centers provide better outcomes, quicker recovery periods, safer conditions and more personal care.

We have made it clear to the insurers that we always want what is best for our patients, and that includes having their medical needs responsibly covered under terms of their policies.

We are actively countering the lawsuits. Through the legal process, we will show that the claims are untrue and establish an accurate record. In this effort, we will be defending doctors’ right to form new models for high-quality health care delivery, ensure patient access to quality care and demand that the insurers treat patients and doctors fairly and honestly.

Please let us know if you have specific questions.

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