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To provide the communities of the San Francisco Bay Area with the most advanced, innovative and comprehensive health care available in a compassionate and caring environment.


Our Patients: We are dedicated to maintaining a compassionate environment focused on the personal and emotional needs of our patients while providing them with superior health care.

Our Physician-Partner: A majority of the physicians who perform surgery at our facilities are partners of Bay Area Surgical Management. Consequently, BASM is constantly consulting with our physician-partners to assure that they have access to the latest technology and a highly skilled team of nurses and health care professionals. By dedicating our self to addressing the needs of our physician-partners, we have forged a strong friendship and a mutual respect that is unique in the current health care environment.

Our Nurses and Health Care Professionals: BASM is dedicated to maintaining a staff of the finest quality nurses and health care professionals available in the industry. In order to maintain this level of excellence, we provide competitive compensation and benefits and continuously work on developing an environment founded on teamwork and camaraderie.

On The Cutting Edge

Health Care Technology: We are dedicated to maintaining the latest and most cutting-edge health care technology at our facilities. We work closely with the largest vendors of medical equipment in the world to train our physician-partners, nurses and health care professionals on the most recent technology. We also use the latest in health care information technology to ensure that we manage our resources responsibly in order to provide efficient and cost-effective service.

Managed Care: We acknowledge that, in addition to excellent health care, our patients and payers require efficient and cost-effective care. We are dedicated to achieving this goal by implementing the latest in health care information technology. Our staff continuously monitors our systems to ensure that we manage our resources responsibly while preserving our commitment to quality service.

Giving Back

Helping People in Need of Medical Care

We provide free or low-cost outpatient surgical services to Northern & Southern California counties with the most advanced, innovative, and comprehensive health care available.

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