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Julia Hashemieh
President & CEO
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Julia Heshemieh is an accomplished and visionary leader, serving as the CEO and President of Bay Area Surgical Management. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has gained a strong reputation among surgeons for delivering exceptional surgical care. Under Julia’s guidance, Bay Area Surgical Management has experienced remarkable growth, expanding to 18 surgery centers.

Julia oversees every aspect of the business, including payroll, billing, and compliance, while focusing on business development and revitalizing underperforming centers to ensure profitability. As a result, the company has emerged as one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in northern and southern California, known for providing superior care to patients while maintaining financial success in fully contracted facilities.

Julia graduated from San Jose state university with MA economics.

Dennis Szoke
Barbara Roth
Vice President of Surgery Center Operations
Travis Waltmon
Vice President IT
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Travis Waltmon is a seasoned manager with almost 40 years of experience.
Mr. Waltmon began his career with BASM in 2005 as a Business Office Administrator
for the Bay Area Surgical Group ASC in Santa Clara, Ca. The company has grown to 15
managed facilities.
Today, Travis is responsible for: IT Management for all ASCs and business offices, Revenue Cycle Management (bill submission, payer
collections, and appeal) for all facilities, and front-counter ASC operations (office staffing,
case scheduling, surgical authorization verification, patient responsibility collections).

Prior to BASM, Travis was a District Manager for AIDS Healthcare foundation,
Operations Manager for Circuit City Stores, Store Manager for Barnes and Noble
stores, and founder of online store.

Travis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Notre Dame de
Namur university (graduated Summa cum Laude with Dean’s honors)
Farid Farizandy
Vice President Human Resources
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Farid Farizandy is an experienced payroll administrator with a strong background in accounting and business management with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an associate degree in MIS. Farid has developed a unique blend of technical and business skills that allow him to excel in a wide range of roles. He joined Bay Area Surgical Management in 2015.

Throughout his career, he has developed a deep understanding of business management, data analysis, project management, payroll systems and processes, and database management systems along with extensive knowledge of tax compliance, employee benefits and regulations.

As a detail-oriented and organized professional, Farid is skilled in accurately processing payroll and providing HR services for large employee populations, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. He is also proficient in using a variety of payroll and HR solution programs and has a proven track record of implementing process improvements that increase efficiency and accuracy.

Farid is committed to staying up to date with the latest trends and developments and he is always looking for ways to enhance his knowledge and skills. He is a versatile professional who is able to adapt to changing business needs and work effectively in both team and individual settings. He is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation and improve business outcomes. He enjoys collaborating with others to achieve common goals, and is dedicated to providing timely and accurate services to his organization.

Maryam Hashemieh
Vice President of Operation Northern California
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Maryam Hashemieh joined BASM in 2008. She responsible for managing all the operations of a company such as company policies, budgeting, and purchasing. She is involved in  the day-to-day activities of the facilities and is responsible for setting strategic goals with the Executive Leadership Team. This includes planning and budgeting, coordinating with managers to ensure that operational goals are met.  In addition, she works closely with senior management in developing long-term operational strategies that help meet company objectives. Maryam was also the chief administrative officer for sports orthopedic and rehabilitation associates where she was responsible for managing the clinical practice with 16 multi specialty physicians, the ambulatory surgery center and the MRI facilities.

Amir Masoumi
Vice President of Operation Southern California
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Amir joined Bay Area Surgical Management (BASM) in 2019 and is currently the vice president of operations for all Southern California facilities of the company. Prior to joining BASM and having a background in three different engineering majors, Amir held various senior-level positions in the industry. 

After completing his graduate education, among other areas, he worked in healthcare facility construction, where he collaborated with both engineers and physicians and used math and science to solve real-world problems and make a difference in people’s lives. He found this realm so appealing specifically due to its unique nature, which calls for continual collaborative interdisciplinary coordination, flexibility, and adaptability. 

Having BASM’s mission and vision in mind, Amir works closely with physicians and other members of the executive team to develop and implement strategies that support the overall goals and objectives of the company. 

Heather E. Gibson
General Council
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Heather E. Gibson graduated from the University of California, Davis focusing her studies on Biochemistry and English. During her time at UC Davis, she served as the Captain of the Cross Country Team and was voted MVP of both the Cross Country and Track team.

Thereafter, she took the leadership skills she learned at UC Davis, and attended Santa Clara University School of Law,  becoming a member of the Honors Moot Court Team as well as President of the Intellectual Property Association. Upon graduating, she took a position at the prestigious Bay Area Law Firm Burnham Brown, on its coverage litigation team, but decided to take a break from law in order to train for the US Olympic Track and Field Trials, which she competed in, in 2008.

In 2011, she began working with Ambulatory Surgical Centers managed by Bay Area Surgical Management to recover the amounts health insurance companies failed to pay, successfully recovering millions of dollars in unpaid and underpaid claims over the years.
Reza Hashemieh
Director of Lien Negotiation
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With extensive experience as a market leader in the medical equipment industry, I have successfully managed multiple lien companies, particularly Buymed. By fostering strong relationships based on trust and integrity between lawyers and providers, we have become a leading player in the industry, with a primary focus on patient care.

Our success is driven by delivering excellent service at affordable rates, ensuring optimal patient satisfaction. I bring a wealth of expertise in managing lien companies, navigating regulatory landscapes, and fostering partnerships, all while prioritizing healthcare outcomes.

Romina Mizani
Director of Marketing 
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Romina Mizani is a seasoned professional with a strong background in marketing and business development. Prior to joining BA Surgical, Romina held the position of Senior Manager, Business Development at Resolve IT (Fixstream AI). During her tenure there, she led a large team of Business Development Professionals and achieved impressive year-over-year growth of over 20%. 
With her extensive experience in operations, including Operations Research & Management, Sales, Marketing & Business Development, Romina brings a wealth of knowledge to BA Surgical. She has successfully acted as a liaison between various departments within organizations, fostering effective communication and collaboration.
At BA Surgical, Romina’s primary focus is to expand the company’s presence in new communities and enhance capabilities at existing locations. Her strategic approach and expertise will be instrumental in achieving these objectives.
Snow Wang
Accounting Manager
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Snow Wang is an accomplished accounting professional with over 23 years of experience in financial management and accounting. She joined the company in 2011 and she currently serves as an accounting manager at Bay Area Surgical Management, where she oversees the day-to-day operations of the accounting department.

Snow graduated with honors from Industrial Automation Control in China with a Bachelor of Engineering. She went on to earn her certificate of accounting in the USA, and has since demonstrated her expertise in accounting, financial analysis, and audit management.

Prior to her current position, Snow held various accounting roles at several companies. This experience provided her with a deep understanding of accounting principles and practices, as well as the ability to effectively manage teams of accounting professionals.

In her current role, Snow has implemented a number of process improvements that have resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy in the accounting department. She is also responsible for preparing financial statements, managing the general ledger and cash flow, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

Snow is known for her attention to detail, analytical thinking, and ability to work well under pressure. She is a strong communicator and collaborator, and is committed to delivering high-quality financial services to her organization.

Outside of work, She enjoys traveling, visiting new places, art and museums, watching movies and spending time with her family. 

Dan Yamakawa
Director IT
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Dan Yamakawa graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

Dan joined the IT team of Bay Area Surgical Management (BASM) in 2013, and currently is the Director of IT for BASM’s ASC facilities and offices.

Dan is responsible for managing hardware and software setup, deployment, and maintenance of IT networks, and computer systems onsite and at remote sites.

Dan is critically supporting and improving data collections, reporting, and maintenance of BASM’s online services.

Neda Karimi
Director of Billing
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Neda Karimi is an experienced manager with a background in Finance and Banking.

Prior experience includes: VP of Portfolio Management in Commercial Banking. Neda has also owned and managed multiple businesses.

Neda joined BASM in 2021 and is currently the manager of Billing and Collections for over 10 Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Neda is very business driven, dedicated and professional as well as passionate about expanding and developing the company.

Teresa Pinto
Human Resources Manager
Anthony Piedra
Head of Insurance Procurement; Chief Paralegal
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Anthony Piedra facilitates in Medicare Credentialing, Insurance Procurement, and also serves as the Chief Paralegal for BASM. He also assists with
third party contracting, in all facets of the legal department, and is known for his attention to critical details as well as his knowledge of local and
CA jurisdiction Court Rules. 
Mr. Piedra has been with Bay Area Surgical Management, LLC since 2012, and is a key part of BASM’s ability to quickly obtain Medicare Accreditation, locate the best coverage at the best rates for its various requirements, as well as its many successes in adversarial legal proceedings.

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